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Welcome to Blue Diamond Consulting & Services

Blue Diamond Consulting offers experienced professional consultation with regard to the required procedures for:

  • Tenant Coordination, Installation and Snaggging
    We offer this service as communicator and facilitator between the following parties: -  Developer / Landlord -  Leasing Agent -  Professional Team -  Tenant to ensure that the correct information is provided and passed on to the relevant persons concerned and will automatically streamline the procedure. 
  • Occupational Certificates
    Upon the approval of the Fire & Health Clearance certificates, the Occupational Certificate can be obtained once all the fire rules and regulations are adhered to on the premises. 
  • Fire and Health Clearance Certificates
    Blue Diamond can assist Tenants to obtain these certificates. (Gauteng area.) 
  • Health and Safety Audits
    A detailed Audit Report will be furnished once the premises has been inspected and audited. The Landlord will receive the original document of the report and a copy wil be handed over to the Tenant.  These documents will be available in hard copy and electronic format. 
  • Electrical Certificates of Completion for Buildings  (COC's)
    This certificate must be obtained upon the request of the Landlord.  In the event of no COC's available, we shall arrange for a complete inspection to be done by an electrician for the issuing of the certificates.
  • Council Submissions
    We asssist with council submissions for all the above.
  • Signage Approvals
    Signage for Fire, Health and Safety are required.  All signage must comply with the ISO 3864, the specification for international standards for safety systems, including regulations regarding prohibitory and mandatory sign material, specifications such as size and thickness.
  • Industrial Chemicals
    For the construction, domestic, mining and motor industries


We can assist with all the current requirements and legislation for all commercial and retail properties and immediate surrounding exterior areas according to ALL laws, by laws, ordinances, proclamations and regulations.