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Quotations for Services Include:

1.  Project Tenant Coordination, Installations, Handovers, Snagging (including final snagging) 
    & Finalizing the Project.

     Blue Diamond offers this service where it will be the communicator and facilitator between
     the following and take full responsibility to communicate with the below in every aspect
     and/or stage of any project (refer to the organogram for Tenant Coordination by 
     Blue Diamond Consulting):

  • Developer / Landlord
  • Leasing Agent
  • Tenants
  • Professional Team
  • Main Contractors ( All Sub Contractors)
  • Centre Managers &  Ops managers

This service will ensure that the correct information provided will be passed on to the relevant persons concerned and will automatically streamline the procedure. This will reduce time and cost factors, and eliminate unnecessary changes.

Costings will be done immediately in case of variances of the specifications and  any other.

It is also Blue Diamond Consulting’s aim to close off the project/s within 3 – 6 months after trading for the Developers and this can only happen if proper control is played out from the beginning of any project and you have the correct person  to do so.  

2.  Council Approval & Certifications per Application
     (Provinces:  Gauteng, Limpopo,  Mpumalana, North West and the Free State)

     2.1 Approval of Final Shop Layout Plan /  Revamp Approval
     2.2 Consultation on Occupational Certificates
     2.3 Council Submissions of
           -  Fire Fees* 
           -  Health Fees* 
           -  Occupational Certificates* 
          *Statutory Rates, by Law, applies and are subject to Municipal/Provincial rates.

3.  Health & Safety Audit Reports and Inspections
     3.1  Health & Safety Audit Report 
            (once off, payable on presentation of the report)
     3.2  Inspection Fees
            (following up on remedial work, charged per hour)
     3.3  Disbursements at cost + 15% of the market rate

4.  Others
     4.1  COC's Certificate
     4.2  Tenant Coordination & Installation


Payment Terms

  • For Tenant Coordination, an agreement will be drawn up between the two parties. Consultancy fees will be payable within 7 days on presentation of invoice.
  • For Council Submissions an official order will be required. Upon receipt of the approved documentation, a final invoice will be presented to Resilient for payment. The original documents will be handed over to Resilient on receipt of such payment for further distribution to your tenants.



  • The above rates are vaild for a single submission
  • A mileage fee will be charged in accordance with the current AA rate per kilometre outside the 50 km radius of Centurion.
  • Inspection fees are changred per hour
  • Disbursements are charged at cost + 15% of the current market rate
  • Prices quoted are exclusive of 14% VAT
  • Pricing is reviewed annually on the 1st of March.
  • Copies of documentation and drawings will be charged for at a nominal rate based on the current charges at the time.
  • Statutory Rates, by Law, applies and are subject to Municipal/Provincial rates.

We trust that this will meet wih your approval as we assure you of our best attention at all times.